Who.What.Where.Disability dance. Dance in Ireland



residency with Uillinn West Cork Arts Centre

What we are exploring

The identity of a dancers’ movement, how our identity is preconceived before we dance, and how we can break this mould. Despite being in a creative environment where we are encouraged to push boundaries and stereotypes, we still find ourselves being type cast and put in a box depending on our image and dancing image. We will look at how our dancing identity can be shaped by those that are around us, how we conform or learn from others and adapt. Through our work with different groups, we will challenge their preconceptions of us and our preconceptions of them. We will expose them to different ways to expressing and find their natural movement language. We will also learn from the various groups which will develop our movement identity.

What does that actually mean

We are interested in identity, who we are, where we come from and what makes us, us. We want to investigate this in terms of a geographical area. We will work with people from the community of West Cork to create a dance performance piece based on the identity of their area.

How can you get involved?

It’s quite simple really. We will have a series of days that are drop in sessions (1st-3rd August) you are welcome to come into the studio, see what we are doing, get involved with a workshop, understand the project and do some moving. Following this you can decide if you would like to commit to working with us over the remainder of our stay in West Cork. During the remainder we will work with the group to create a dance performance piece based on the identity of West Cork.

What do I need?

Just yourself, if you have never danced before or you’ve danced all your life you are very welcome. If you are new to the area, or if you have lived in West Cork all your life you are also welcome. If your 10 years old or 110 years old you’re all welcome. (anyone under 10 must be accompanied by a parent, other restrictions may apply). We want as many people from as many different backgrounds to come and join us to be a part of this project in whatever way suits them. All you have to do is sign up through the box office at Uillinn West Cork Arts Centre;  info@westcorkartscentre.com

If you have any questions, queries or hesitations then please feel free to get in touch with either oursleves or the arts centre to find out more. If you know of someone else who might like this feel free to share this with them, or just bring them along on the day.

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