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Project 21

‘21’ is a three phase project.
Phase 1 is performance based work, working with 5 disabled artists and 3 contemporary dancers to create a powerful and meaningful performance piece, which will tour in Shropshire.

Phase 2 engages with those living with learning difficulties around Shropshire via our outreach work, we will run outreach workshops to encourage engagement with contemporary dance and movement art across Shropshire, allowing us to signpost to phase 3 of the project

Phase 3 Provides an exit route for those that we have engaged with through the previous phases, giving them a place to go and create in a professional and supportive enviroment. We will establish a regular performance group run by the members and mentored by a member of Meta4 Dance. The group will be a place to express and develop performance skills. The group will create works to perform around the region each season. 

‘21’ aims to raise awareness for individuals living with learning difficulties and their strong abilities in and around the Shropshire Area. It provides the unique experience of working within a professional contemporary dance company, helping them to build confidence and achieve aspirations they felt were un-acheivable.

You can help support this work by donating via our indiegogo site. If you would like to get involved just follow this link.

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